Sydney Malcolm

Finance: Director of Finance

Started with Harmony Housing Affordable Development, successor to Greystone Affordable Development: 2018

Sydney is responsible for managing a team of analysts, with her focus on new construction of LIHTC properties where Greystone is either the direct owner or a developer partner. Working closely with Greystone’s accounting, construction, and development teams along with lenders, syndicators, and state agencies, she ensures projects are underwritten according to stakeholder requirements with optimal and sustainable finance structures.

Sydney has worked on numerous high-profile projects and has achieved significant success in North Carolina’s competitive new construction LIHTC allocations. She has been instrumental in leading complex finance structures, including state-wide tax-exempt bond portfolios as well as hybrid “twinning” transactions.

Sydney has worked in multifamily real estate since 2015. Prior to joining Greystone, she worked as a Financial Analyst for the Wentwood Companies in their Asset Management division. She graduated from the University of Vermont, and currently holds the Housing Credit Certified Professional (HCCP) designation.

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