Greystone Affordable Development Again Ranks as #1 Rural Affordable Housing Developer by Council for Affordable and Rural Housing

Tanya Eastwood

Greystone has been recognized yet again by the Council for Affordable and Rural Housing (CARH) as the top rural affordable housing developer for 2022. Greystone has achieved CARH’s top ranking for developers of affordable rural rental housing six times since 2015.

Greystone Affordable Development assists owners and property developers as they add to the nation’s affordable housing stock with their expertise in development management, construction and complex finance structures. The group creates strategic partnerships with nonprofit and for-profit owners, operators, developers of affordable housing as well as public entities to achieve their housing goals. The team, led by President and CEO Tanya Eastwood, brings deep expertise in Low Income Housing Tax Credits, tax-exempt bonds, and government-backed funding available to help create and preserve thousands of affordable homes every year.

During the past year, the group helped to develop 770 units across 30 properties, adding to its total of over 14,750 units with an additional 8,300 units in various stages of completion across 13 states plus Puerto Rico.

“We are passionate about addressing our nation’s shortage of affordable housing in our most vulnerable communities and are committed to doing our part to close the gap,” said Ms. Eastwood. “We are honored to be recognized again by CARH, a respected and powerful advocate for affordable housing, for our role in bringing safe, quality affordable housing to rural communities, which are particularly impacted during times of economic uncertainty.”

Together, we can change lives.